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EH&S Manager

Date: Nov 12, 2020

Location: INDIANA, US

Company: Zinc Nacional, S.A.

Waelz Sustainable Products, LLC (WSP) is a partnership between Indianapolis-based Heritage Environmental Services and Zinc Nacional, both fourth-generation family-owned businesses.  Our companies have a long history of operating safe, efficient and sustainable businesses which include Zinc Nacional’s nearly seven decades of expertise in producing zinc oxide from mine ore and steel mill byproducts.  Zinc oxide is an important ingredient in many consumer products including sun block, diaper rash cream, cosmetics and dietary supplements to name a few.



Job Description

The Environmental, Health & Safety (E, H & S) Manager has the overall plant E, H & S responsibility and reports to the Plant Manager. The E, H, & S Manager is responsible, to oversee and direct all environmental, health & safety activities for the facility under the direction of the Plant Manager. The E, H, & S Manager will ensure compliance with the local, state, and federal laws governing WSP’s operation and facility at all times. The E, H, & S Manager will be responsible to ensure WSP properly reports all required reports on activities as required by law on time. The E, H, & S Manager is responsible and will update and maintain in proper order all documentation required by law for WSP in these areas. The E, H, & S Manager will cooperate with agency visits and provide documentation requested promptly during visits as required by law. The E, H, & S Manager will stay current with laws and upcoming laws and inform the management team of any changes that will or may affect the business. The E, H, & S Manager will notify the management team well in advance when report submittals are due, create drafts of reports, cover letters to accompany such reports and such for review and approval before submittal. Any document leaving the facility will be approved and copied prior to its release. The E, H, & S Manager will bring to attention to the Plant Manager problems encountered in his area. The E, H, & S Manager will request help in areas he is not confident in. Outside help will be sought in these areas by the Plant Manager. The E, H, & S Manager is responsible for his teams. In addition, the E, H, & S Manager has the overall responsibility of plant cleanliness. He will report problem areas to the manager in charge of the offending area for resolution. If the appropriate immediate action to rectify the situation is not taken in short term (Not satisfied with the action taken by the area manager), it will be reported to the Plant Manager for further action. The E, H, & S Manager can and will use disciplinary action when appropriate.

The E, H, & S Manager is responsible to ensure all E, H, & S training is proper and up to date for all employees. In addition, the E, H, & S Manager is accountable for plant cleanliness in not only his defined areas, but all areas of the site including the office building, clean side, dirty side, and break room

The E, H, & S Manager will develop, evaluate and set goals for his team.

The E, H, & S Manager reports problems or potential problems that may affect any other group or team to the Management Team members for resolution.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the environmental, health & safety team safely
  • Assist the Management Team in develop business plans for the facility
  • Assist in the development of an operating budget for the facility with focus on E, H & S
  • Assist in the development and enforcement of all plant policies
  • Set overall goals for the E, H & S Team
  • Set overall goals for the janitorial crew
  • Set overall goals for the cleanup crew
  • Set overall goals for the QA, QC crew
  • Ensure proper reporting and documentation by the E, H, & S Team
  • Make accurate timely decisions related to E, H & S activities
  • Communicate effectively with all employees
  • Develop specific job procedures in the E, H & S area




  • Must be able to communicate effectively (Written, verbal, e-mail, and otherwise)
  • Must be computer literate and be able to develop spreadsheets, safety programs
  • Must have a clear understanding of economics
  • Must be able to maintain an operating budget
  • Must have experience as a superintendent or manager
  • Must have strong leadership abilities


Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift 25 to 50 lbs. to waist level
  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, climb, bend, push or pull for extended periods of time


Training/Licensing/Certification Requirements:

  • Must gain and maintain HAZWOPER Training Certification.
  • Must be qualified to wear a respirator.
  • Must gain and maintain radiation safety officer training and certification
  • Must complete or have acquired the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success training course
  • Must gain and maintain method 9 certification for reading opacity
  • Must be NFPA 70 E, arc flash/arc blast certified
  • Must gain and maintain a CPR/First Aid/AED certification from the American Heart Association
  • Must gain and maintain train the training certification for power industrial trucks
  • Must gain and maintain training to be a certified instructor and certifier of Half mask and Full Face respirator usage and fit testing
  • Must gain and maintain 30 hour OSHA training
  • Must gain and maintain Annual RCRA training



  • Must have a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, or Engineering Degree or at least 5 years of industrial management experience
  • Must have computer training or equivalent experience



  • Attractive Salary
  • Competitive benefits with 401k company match
  • Eligible to receive performance bonus.